432 Hz Frequency: The Healing Power Behind The Tune

What if you could use the vibrational frequency that musicians, like Mozart and Verdi use to heal you from stress, pain, and fatigue? This may sound like a completely new concept, but it is possible with the healing power of the 432 Hz frequency. It’s a painless healing process with immediate results. You might even get hooked to it.

It is a specific frequency that oscillates on natural harmonic waves, and is said to coalesce with the properties of light, time, space, matter, and electromagnetism. The Sun, the planets Saturn and Earth, as well as the moon exhibit the same rhythm.

The natural vibration of the 432 Hz frequency has a remarkable effect on our human consciousness. Timeless classical musicians, including Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky were said to have used it in their compositions. That’s why listening to their music will either put you to sleep, or give you the ability to focus on a certain activity.

How to Tap Into the 432 Hz Frequency

Tapping into the powers of this elusive frequency is as simple as lying down, getting yourself into a meditative mood, and using a weighted tuning fork on the areas of the body that need healing. Watch a demonstration of it in the video below:

Another way to tap into this frequency is by simply listening to music that’s tailored towards it. There are actually many modern songs tuned to the 432 Hz frequency. Some of them are listed in this YouTube playlist.

Where to Find the Right 432 Hz Tuning Fork

There are a lot of tuning forks with different frequencies out there. Many of them are tuned to the Solfeggio scale. The ones outlined below are specifically tuned for 432 Hz healing:

TFS Tuningforkshop Gold Finish 432 Hz Tuning Fork

This lovely tuning fork with a gold finish is made from high quality aluminum. It comes with a free mallet support, and provides traceable tracking with assured delivery of the 432 Hz oscillation on the principal of natural harmonic wave propagation. You’ll surely love how the tubes on this fork produce a beautiful and long-lasting sound.

TFS Tuningforkshop Gold Finish 432 Hz Tuning Fork

OM Industry Tuning Fork

This is a high quality 432 Hz non-rusting, non-tarnishing, and non-magnetic tuning fork that’s designed to provide a pure tone even after many years of use. This one is a keeper.

OM Industry Tuning Fork 432Hz with Free Mallet and Valvet Pouch

Youjoy 432 Tuning Fork

Finally, we have this beautiful and sleek looking set from Youjoy. This tuning fork is highly durable, thanks to the unique alloy blend used to achieve an exact 432 Hz tone. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to hold.

Youjoy 432 Tuning Fork 432hz Tuning Forks Healing Tuned Tuning Fork with Mallet & Cleaning Cloth Bag Magnetic Aluminum Alloy

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