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20 Best Rated Acupressure Balls and How to Use Them

Acupressure balls are self-massage tools that aid in muscle relaxation. They provide pressure to different points of the body, particularly in areas on the hand, feet, legs, shoulders and neck. People who have experienced massage therapy know the sensation of kneading a sore part of the body. That’s precisely what these balls do, except that a massage therapist is not needed. More importantly, they provide swift pain alleviation.

Example of Acupressure Massage BallsThey are called by many names, such as massage balls, sensory balls, muscle roller balls, pressure point balls, trigger point balls, porcupine balls or even lacrosse balls. Acupressure balls also come in different forms. They can be soft, hard or have spikes. Massage therapy, acupressure, reflexology, and other practices may differ in a variety of concepts, but they have similar goals and use similar tools.

The chart below lists 20 of the most popular massage balls being sold online today. The rating, quantity, and sizes are shown alongside the items so that they can be easily assessed. Many of them come in packages that include an ebook or a brochure to help buyers get started quickly.

Many athletes, fitness buffs and Yoga practitioners use acupressure balls because they’re easily accessible and practical. They are so convenient and effective that you can use them anytime, anywhere.

How To Use Acupressure Balls

Watch this 12-minute video to learn how to use these balls. There are many ways to use them.

Here’s a couple of videos that use spiky and plain massage balls to apply pressure on the shoulders and legs.

Things To Consider When Buying An Acupressure Ball

There are several reasons why a particular massage ball is preferred over the other.


For example, if you weigh 300 lbs., you wouldn’t want the ball to fall flat when you step on it to massage your feet. You’ll need one that’s harder than a tennis ball but not as firm as wood or metal. On the other hand, a softer ball is preferred on the neck area.


Typical sizes of massage balls are in they 2.75 to 3 inch range, although there are also smaller ones (1.7 to 2 inches). Smaller balls are best for the hands and feet while regular size balls are best for the legs and buttocks. You’ll want bigger balls for the shoulder and chest areas.

Buying a set is recommended for those who are new to acupressure balls. These sets of 2-4 balls vary in size and hardness so you can gauge which one is most suitable.

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