The Best Scalp Massagers Today

There’s nothing quite like getting a head massage to release all the stress after a long day at the office. Unfortunately, we do not always have the luxury of time to head to a spa center and get a nice massage. Luckily, the great inventors who lived before us have designed something amazing so that we can “do it ourselves.” Enter the scalp massager. It helps reduce stress, relaxes your head and increases blood circulation. The best scalp massager does this to you at no extra cost.

Depending on your preference, you could get a manual scalp massager or an electric scalp massager.

Benefits of A Scalp Massager

The scalp massager does wonders for relaxation, but there are other reasons why you should have one available. Here are the other benefits of having the best scalp massager:

Alleviates Headaches

Have you ever had a headache so horrible, it made you want to rip your hair out? Apart from taking in prescription medicine, you can also relieve the pain by carefully massaging your scalp.

Eliminates Dandruff

Imagine talking to a person you find attractive (or perhaps even someone important, like your boss) up close. You’re having a smooth conversation until you notice that he or she is suddenly fixated on your scalp and looking grossed out. That would be a nightmare.

If you’ve ever suffered from those hideous itchy white flakes that cover your scalp, then you need to have the best scalp massager around. It will help you spread out the natural oils found on your head and moisturize your scalp. You can even use it as an applicator for your hair treatments. It would enable them to penetrate the scalp deeper.

Putting Argan oil on the scalp and distributing it evenly with a scalp massager will give your hair that thick, flake-free and lustrous shine.

Enhances Hair Growth

This is one of the most unexpected benefits of having a scalp massager. Many user-generated testimonies have claimed that it really enhances hair growth. A simple scalp massage can aid in the blood circulation around your scalp. Consequently, it will do wonders for your hair.

Hair loss is proven to be the result of hair follicles not receiving enough blood. When your follicles do not receive blood, they become deprived of the nutrients that nourish and keep hair from growing strong.

Better Sleep

Have you noticed that when your body is experiencing a lot of stress, you have a harder time sleeping and your body can’t get to a state in which it is relaxed? Gently massaging your scalp can release the tension on your head and get you into a more tranquil state.

Best Scalp Massagers

With all the great benefits of using a scalp massager, you must now be wondering what options you have and where you can get one. They actually come in different shapes and sizes, all having unique characteristics and perks.

LiBa Scalp Massager

This product is what immediately comes to mind whenever people talk about the best scalp massager. Despite its simplicity, the Liba manual scalp massager is a thing of beauty. It is made with rubber beads that are easy on your scalp.

This scalp massager can be used in a wide variety of products – from shampoo to hair masks. It’s ideal for those who want to keep it simple and fuss-free.

Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager

This round scalp massager has a refreshing look and feel. You can feel the soft bristles gently vibrating and massaging your scalp. For best results, it is highly recommended to use it with your favorite shampoo and conditioner in the shower. It’s electric, but it is safe to use in the shower. This is ideal for those who prefer a much firmer scalp massage.

Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

Like the Vanity Planet massager, this particular hair and scalp massager from Maxsoft was designed for use both in and out of the shower. The only difference between the two is the material used on the bristles. Instead of rubber, the Maxsoft has silicone bristles.

Depending on your preference, you’ll experience a firmer massage with the Vanity Planet bristles, while it will be a gentler massage on the silicone bristles by Maxsoft. It certainly is ideal for those who prefer a more gentle scalp massage.

Zyllion Hair Shampoo Brush and Scalp Massager

The Zyllion scalp massager is specifically designed for people who have dandruff issues. It has two kinds of bristles that were combined to maximize blood circulation in the scalp area. On top of that, it has an ergonomic handle that does not easily slip off. This particular massager also has bristles spaced in such a way so that it won’t get tangled into a thick and wavy hair.

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