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10 Most Popular Portable Massage Chairs

A massage chair is so comfortable that you would want to be on it all day. Simply sit on it, turn on the massager, and the effects are felt immediately. A portable massage chair though, requires human intervention to operate it. It doesn’t have all the built-in mechanisms of its robotic counterpart, but it is fairly comfortable and compact as well. Aside from being mobile, a portable massage chair is incredibly adjustable too. It can change into several positions so that it adheres to the client’s figure as accurately as possible.

Here’s 10 of the most popular portable chair units that are available online.


The earliest massage chairs originated in Japan. The first ever portable unit was made from scrap by Nobuo Fujimoto in 1954. It was designed to be easily accessible by anyone at any time. Unlike a full fledge massage session wherein a client needs to lie down on a massage table and remove his or her clothing, these portable units can be quickly set up in malls, trade fairs and other events.

Portable Massage Chair In Action

Here’s a demonstration of how an Oakworks chair works:

Here’s another demonstration of the Stronglite ErgoPro chair with its different adjustments:

Watch this video to find out how chair massage is conducted:


Many people, especially those in the workplace setting, do not have a lot of time to spare and to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist. That’s why chair massage was designed to be a quicker and more accessible alternative to stress relief and relaxation.

A few minutes of chair massage can give several benefits. Improved blood circulation, increased energy and reduced muscle tension are just some of the good things that it can offer. Good blood flow leads to better functioning organs. It also eliminates toxins from the body. Meanwhile, an energetic body increases productivity. Lastly, relaxed muscles mean being free from muscle or back pain.

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