Thymus Chakra: The Key to Higher Heart Healing

The thymus gland represents the higher heart chakra. It is near the throat and the heart. It is responsible for our motives or intentions, and it is the hub where our rational thoughts and our emotions converge.

The thymus chakra is believed to be the gateway to higher consciousness. This level of understanding is also referred to as enlightenment or transcendence, and it has only been achieved by a few people. By harnessing the thymus chakra, you will learn to live your life to the fullest – surrounded by love, abundance, prosperity, joy, and most of all, contentment.

Other Thymus Chakra Functions

The thymus chakra is also considered as a seat of acceptance, inner peace, clarity, and compassion. It promotes sympathy and empathy towards others. When it is open, accepting love becomes an easy undertaking. In turn, this makes people around us feel more comfortable. It is also useful in making valuable connections and building some camaraderie.

Thymus Chakra - Building Camaraderie

If the Thymus Chakra is Overactive

An overactive thymus chakra means losing one’s sense of practicality and being overly compassionate. To illustrate this condition, imagine yourself being able to see other people’s dreams and feeling responsible for the situation that they’re in.

If the Thymus Chakra is Inactive

On the other hand, if the thymus chakra is inactive or underactive, it leads to difficulties in expressing thoughts and emotions. The lack of compassion and self-acceptance also becomes evident. This ultimately leads to feelings of isolation, stubbornness, and anger.

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Tools That Help In Balancing The Thymus Chakra

Chakras need to be balanced. You don’t want them to be overactive nor underactive. The goal is to make them neutral at all times. If you feel like you’re in either of these extremes, you can use tools that will help in balancing them. These are some of the best ones that you can find for balancing the thymus chakra.

Jet New Chakra Thymus Gemstone, 7 Stones Set

This is a 7-stone set which can also be used for balancing the thymus chakra. Made with all natural gemstones engraved in gold, these stones have amazing healing properties that will awaken the higher spiritual levels. Keep these stones with you as you relax, and you will feel the difference.

Etheric Heart Chakra Thymus Stud Earrings by Age of Akuarius

This is a pair of pretty little pieces of art that depict the original design of the Etheric Heart Chakra. The abstract bohemian grunge texture is handpainted on a blue watercolor background. By wearing these, you will always be reminded to keep the thymus chakra in check.

Topfund Crystal Singing Bowl, F Note

Tap into the soothing sound of this pure quartz crystal singing bowl. This bowl is created with utmost care to achieve a shape that produces the exact musical note for harnessing the thymus chakra. It can also double as a stylish home ornament when not in use.

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