The Black Chakra: Meaning and Representation

Are you feeling out of focus, easily-irritated, or stuck in an empty existence? Sometimes, these feelings can lead to serious mental health conditions. If this sounds like you, then you are going to greatly benefit from the Black Chakra.

The color black is often misunderstood and is associated with darkness most of the time. This is probably due to what is frequently shown in films and other media, where the bad guys are normally wearing black. The truth is, black holds much more meaning than just being the villain.

Black is a color that represents the mysteries of the universe. On the bright side, it symbolizes stability, formality, support, strength, survival, and a state of being grounded.

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Black energy implies that thoughts can be deceiving. Its presence helps you become aware of the lies and illusions inside your head. In turn, this realization will guide you back to your true spiritual path.

Black Chakra Stone

The black chakra works by eradicating excess energy that is not needed in your life. It also protects you from the negative energies that impede progress.

The black chakra is useful in these situations:

  • Feeling of restlessness
  • Inability to focus for long periods of time
  • Fearfulness
  • Identity crisis
  • Breaking a curse
  • Seeking closure

Ready to begin your healing journey? These accessories can help you harness the power of the black chakra:

Ayana Wellness Obsidian Pendant Necklace



This necklace has a nice appearance and provides protection at the same time. Obsidian is best known for its stabilizing and grounding effects. It gives a deep, transformative vibe when worn. It is particularly effective when you need that extra focus for a certain activity. The Obsidian serves as an amplifier when combined with other stones.

Ayana Wellness Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Necklace



Black Tourmaline is best known for its potent ability to protect whoever wears or carries it. It protects you from any form of psychic attack, harmful radiation, EMF, and negative energy. Furthermore, it decreases anxiety and increases self-confidence.

Karelian Heritage Shungite Crystal Pendant



The Black Shungite healing amulet is the best accessory to keep you shielded from the harmful radiation that’s brought about by frequent use of electronic devices. Its deep gray color with a shimmering silver surface will surely add flair to any attire.

Feng Shui Import Black Moonstone



One of the most unique pieces that produce black chakra energy is the black moonstone. This stone symbolizes the birth of new things. It represents the new moon, a time of beginnings. Just as the new moon becomes bigger and brighter, and as it transitions to full moon, a big transformation occurs. This one is for you if you want to start anew.

Orgonite Andy Donut Pendant



This lovely donut-shaped pendant from Orgonite Andy is made with a fine blend of copper, steel, brass, clear quartz, rose, citrine, amethyst, and Shungite. They call this unique combination, black sun blend, which draws energy from the black chakra.

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