Royal Thai Massage 101

Royal Thai Massage 101

The Royal Thai Massage has been around for a long time. It was developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand about 2,500 years ago. In that part of the world, it has plenty of styles that vary from one ...

10 Most Popular Portable Massage Chairs

Best seller 10 Most Popular Portable Massage Chairs

A massage chair is so comfortable that you would want to be on it all day. Simply sit on it, turn on the massager, and the effects are felt immediately. A portable massage chair though, requires ...

Why Use Massage Linens?

Massage Linens

Massage tables and other accessories wouldn't be complete without massage linens. They have a few important uses. First, linens protect the table and face pillow from unwanted oils and odors that can ...

5 Best Electric Massage Tables

Electric Massage Table

For your massage table needs, there are portable massage tables and electric massage tables to choose from. Portable ones are lightweight and can be carried anywhere with relative ease while electric ...

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